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Registration/What Is Needed To Start

Completed online application, non-refundable registration fee $75- and one-weeks security deposit (applied towards a last week of tuition, not first).

Learn-N-Play Daycare Registration Form

Instructions For Parents/legal Guardians To Create An Account For On-line Paperwork

  1. Go to www.learnnplaybathpa.com.
  2. Click on Parent Portal.
  3. Create a username and password to use for all children in your family (so ONLY 1 password per Family, if separated or divorced please share with child's parent).
  4. Complete and read ALL fields - ALL ADDRESSES MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL!
  5. This form is a legal document. Enter your full name in the electronic signature field at the bottom. This is a legal signature. Enter the current date.
  6. Click the Save Progress button at the bottom if you have partially completed the form to save all the information entered and return later.
  7. After entering all information appropriate for your child, you MUST click the Submit button for the document to be legal.
  8. If you want to register another child, sign in again with the family username and password and click the Start New button. Follow the instructions as above.
  9. If you want to update any information, sign in again and click the Edit button on the row with the child's name. Make any changes required. Update the date filed next to the signature field. Click the Submit button. Updates are still due every 6 months. You will receive an email once updates are needed.

"Getting To Know You and Your Child" form. We want to make this transition a great experience for you and your child. This form will help us to get to know you and your family and most importantly meet your child's needs and abilities.


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