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Potty Policy

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC signs are observed while the child is at the center:

At this important milestone, parents are encouraged to do the following:

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC would like to make toilet learning a comfortable and smooth transition. If after a reasonable amount of time (usually 1 to 1-1/2 months) a child has not progressed with the toilet learning, it may be necessary for a "break". The child may not be ready for this process. With your help and encouragement, we can all work together to make this aspect of the child's development a success!

Health & Safety Policy

Your child’s health is a matter of major importance to all of us!

Parents are encouraged to keep an un-well child home and seek medical attention for severe and chronic illnesses. Parents will be requested to take a child home in the morning if the child appears to be too ill to remain at the center. If a child appears to be too ill upon the completion of the daily health check, you will be expected to take the child home. If there are any reoccurring illnesses going through the center at any given time, we will notify families through Procare. Families are asked to become informed with symptoms and monitor your child for potential sickness. If symptoms are present, families are asked to keep your child home until they are 48 hours symptom free without the use of medication.

CARE PLAN: in the event your child needs continued medical care plan, a Care Plan must be completed by your child's Health Care Provider describing what will need to be done at our facility to help your child with medical condition.

ILLNESS REPORT: In the event your child is sent home due to any of the listed illnesses, a staff member will complete an "illness report". This report must be signed by a parent prior to the child leaving the center. On the illness report, it will state if your child can return the following day or must be 24-hour symptom free.

MEDICATION LOGS: Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC shall NOT administer a prescription medication unless the medication has the pharmacy label and/or we have a doctor's note. A medication log must be completed by the parent or legal guardian prior to administering prescription and non-prescription medication(s). Over the counter medications do not require a pharmacy label but require a medication log to be completed and signed by the parent. Parent is responsible for notifying Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC staff when the last dose was given at home.

Parents will be notified and expected to pick up within one hour of being notified, for the following reasons:

FEVER: A child with an axillary (armpit) temperature greater than 100.4 degrees is considered to have a fever. The child may return after 48 hours of a normal temperature without the use of aspirin or non-aspirin products. For example, if a child is sent home on Tuesday with a fever of over 100.4 degrees, the soonest the child may return to the center would be Friday. Parent will be given an illness form with the reason for the child being sent home and when the child may return to the center. No reduction is given for illnesses shorter than 5 consecutive business days. Illnesses must be accompanied by a doctor's note stating the length of illness or longer for a credit to be approved.

COVID: A child with an axillary (armpit) temperature greater than 100.4 degrees and one other related symptom (such as congestion/runny nose, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, and shortness of breathing) must have a doctor note to return to the center. If doctor orders a COVID test, results must be provided. Siblings must stay home until results are received. If a child tests positive, parent must notify director right away. Family must follow mandated DOH recommendations. Tuition as well as family copays will be credited if family tests positive.

In accordance with the Department of Health Order, face masks are required for children ages 2 and up as well as staff members. I understand that my child will always be encouraged to wear a mask while inside the facility. Parents must provide 2 masks for their child to wear. Children are not required to wear a mask while eating and napping. Children may remove their masks on the playground.

Children will be required to wash their hands using CDC recommended handwashing guidelines throughout the day using warm running water and rubbing with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Parents/Legal Guardians understand that while present at the center each day your child will be in contact with children, families, and employees who are also at risk of community exposure. Parents understand that no list of restrictions, guidelines or practices will remove 100% of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as the virus can be transmitted by persons who are asymptomatic and before some people show signs of infection.

VOMITING/DIARRHEA: - A child experiencing vomiting/diarrhea can return to the center once it has stopped for 48-hour period, without the use of medication and/or has had a full bowel movement.

EYE INFLAMMATIONS/UNEXPLAINED RASHES: A child with an unexplained rash or eye inflammation will be sent home until it had disappeared, or a physician determines the rash/inflammation is not contagious. A doctor's note will be required when the child returns.

HEAD LICE: A child who is seen with the head lice will be sent home immediately. You will need to give your child a head treatment for the lice. If your child returns and is checked, and still has the head lice, they are not allowed to return to the center until they are "bug and egg" free, and they will need to be given another treatment. The center will perform head checks on all the other children for 2 weeks after to make sure none of the other children have contracted lice.

NEBULIZER TREATMENTS: If your child needs using the nebulizer, Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC will administer ONE (1) treatment per day. Should your child require more than one treatment during the hours they are attending Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC please Mrs. Araujo.

CAUTION – Even though some of the staff has had first aid training, we are not permitted to diagnose illnesses or the extent of an injury.

Physicals: The Department of Health Services regulations require age-appropriate physicals upon entrance to a childcare program. Physicals along with shots will be required at the following ages of 6 months, 12 months, 12 months, and every year after that. You will be informed when your child is due for a physical. Physicals may not lapse in time. If the physical is not updated by the date needed, the child will not be able to return to the center until form is completed. Blank forms are located at the front entrance. Parents are required to complete child health appraisal forms and return them to Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC within the child's first 60 days of start date.

IMMUNIZATIONS: All children must be immunized as per the state regulations. All immunization records must be kept in the child's file. Parents are required to complete immunization forms and return them to Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC within the child's first 60 days of start date.

ACCIDENTS: From time to time, your child may require first aid care because of a minor injury. A staff member will clean any scratch or cut with anti-bacterial soap and cover it with a band-aid or in the case of a bump or bruise, ice will be applied. No other medicine or ointment will be applied to the injury. In addition, a staff member will complete an "incident report" regarding your child's injury that explains the nature and causes of the injury. The staff is certified in first aid and will administer care as needed. In case of accidents requiring medical attention, the parent's insurance is the primary source of coverage. In the case of an emergency, emergency services will be notified first, then the parents.

Development Assessments/Portfolios

Every 6 months, the teachers at Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC are required to complete a developmental assessment. Currently, we use Ounce for children ages 6 weeks to 36 months (infants and toddlers) and Work Sampling for children ages 36 months to 5 years of age (preschool and pre-k). Children are assessed on a day-to-day basis. Teachers evaluate children based on their work in class, play, and group/individual discussions. Teachers observe how attentive children are, how they engage themselves in learning activities, and how well they can apply what they have learned. This information is collected in the form of a child portfolio, which contains finished work from day one until child leaves our program. The reports are to be signed by a parent and returned to the center.

There will be 2 parent/teacher conferences held annually. You will have time to sit down with your child's Teacher and Director (if needed) to discuss your child's observations and development. Sign-up sheets for your child's classroom will be available at the front desk to do a face-to-face conference or phone conference for parents who cannot make it in. At the same time, teachers will assess new enrolled children after 45 days using Ages and Stages. Ages and Stages is a developmental and social-emotional screening that we utilize. This screening will help us identify any possible early intervention needs your child may benefit from any of our local agencies such as IU, Mental Health and Unconditional Childcare and many others.

What To Wear To The Center

Think of your child's comfort and provide simple clothing that is free of complicated fastenings. Think of the messy art materials and other messy activities and provide clothing that is washable. Think of our playground and provide the clothing that is sturdy. Think of the weather and remember some days (especially in the Spring and Fall) it may be chilly at 8:00 am and hot by 10:00 am or vise/versa. It is much easier to remove an unneeded item then to put on something you do not have. Think of how you would feel "playing" outdoors in cold and windy weather. For your child's own comfort provide a suitable head covering when needed.

We ask parents to please label all your child's belongings, including clothing! If your child comes to the center and clothing is not labeled, your child's teacher may label it with either marking tape or marker (on the tag of the garment). At the same time, we ask children not to wear any jewelry to the center.

We ask all families to keep an extra set of clothing at the center for your child (because accidents happen, all children no matter what age, will need extra set of clothing, including underwear and socks). If extra clothing is not available, parent will be contacted by a staff member so that clothing can be brought to the center before end of the day.


We will gladly celebrate your child's birthday but at the same time must respect all religions and cultures in the classrooms. Therefore, there will be no singing but will gladly pass out any cake of your choice. We prefer that you send cookies or mini cupcakes.

Toys From Home

Except for toys that are needed for a peaceful nap experience, we ask that you leave your child's toys at home or in your car. If an item is brought to the center, we cannot be responsible for it. If you have a special book that may be of interest to all the children, we appreciate this being shared with the class, but ask that it is left for special theme events.

These items are taboo in our center. A child must have a means to express feelings of aggression. We suggest clay to pound (manual dexterity), hammer and saw to use (good for visual-motor perception), punching bag to hit (and to vent anger while developing perceptual abilities) and finger paints (to soothe jangled feelings while practicing a developmental rhythmic movement).

Child Car Seat Laws & Parking Lot

We ask all the parents to please adhere to the following Pennsylvania State Laws:

Pennsylvania state law requires that children under age four ride in a federally approved car seat or booster that is appropriate for the child's age, height, and weight. Children ages 4 to 8 must use a booster seat if they are no longer in a car seat. These resources can assist you in obtaining a car seat and/or help you to install your car seat properly.

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC is not responsible for any damages/problems that happens to your car in the parking lot. Please use caution when driving through our parking lot. Please do not leave small children unattended in your car. Do not leave purses in parked cars. We are not responsible for any loss or damage while in our parking lot. We kindly ask not to let cars idle in the lot since our playground is nearby. CARS NEED TO BE TURNED OFF IN THE PARKING LOT!! Parking lot is under surveillance camera to ensure children are safe always.

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC is a non-smoking tobacco free facility including the outdoor areas. Please adhere to this policy.

Parent Role And Influence

Parents are a vital component to the Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC philosophy. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children. Our staff respect parents as each child's first teacher and involve parents in every aspect of the curriculum. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and participate in our curriculum activities.

At the same time, for us to enforce the regulations, if you are in the middle of a custody situation, Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC will need a copy of the legal custody order and/or original birth certificate. Without the custody order or birth certificate, Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC can only call the other parent as a courtesy but cannot withhold the child.

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC always requires parents of enrolled children, to behave in a manner consistent with decency, courtesy, and respect. One of the goals of Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC is to provide the most appropriate environment in which a child can grow, learn, and develop. Achieving this ideal environment is not only the responsibility of the employees of Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC but, is the responsibility of every parent or adult who enters the center. Parents are required to behave in a manner that fosters this ideal environment. Parents who violate the Parent Role will not be permitted at the center thereafter.

NO parent or adult is permitted to curse or use other inappropriate language on the center premises at any time, whether in the presence of a child or not. Such language is considered offensive by many people and will not be tolerated. If a parent or adult feels frustrated or angry, it is more appropriate to verbally express the frustration or anger using non-offensive language. At NO time shall inappropriate language be directed towards any Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC staff.

Threats of any kind will not be permitted. In todays' society, Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC can not afford to sit by idly while threats are made. In addition, all threats will be reported to the appropriate authorities and will be fully prosecuted of the law. While apologies for such behavior are appreciated, Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC will not assume the risk of a second change. PARENTS MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND IN CONTROL OF THEIR BEHAVIOR AT ALL TIMES.

Arrival & Pickup

Children must be signed in not more than 15 minutes before their contracted arrival time and signed out not more than 15 minutes after their contracted departure time. We are staffed for time your child is contracted to be in the center. If these times are not adhered to, it may cause a staff/child ratio problem that could cause non-compliance with state regulations. If you know you are going to be detained, please notify the center immediately so that we can reassure your child. There is an overtime charge. If saving ten minutes means risking an accident, please drive safely - and plan accordingly for future. Because the center has no provision for care after 5:30 pm, consistent lateness after that hour will be cause for dismissal.

To reduce traffic in and out of the center, a staff member will meet you at the entrance where the kiosk for Procare Engage is located Monday through Thursday for both drop offs and pick-ups. On Fridays, parents are welcome inside the center. An adult must accompany children into their room. The adult must sign-in the child on the kiosk at the door. Your child will only be released to those persons you have designated. A photo ID is required when a designated adult other than the parent is picking up the child until the staff is familiar that person or persons. If someone comes to the center to pick up your child and they are not on the designated release for authorized pickup, your child WILL NOT be released to such person. This is a precaution to help ensure the safety of your child. The staff does not have the authority to deviate from this policy. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. Emergency consent forms must be updated every 6 months from the initial enrollment date on our Guidestar Formsite online application.

Parents can authorize additional people to pick up their children by including their names on the emergency contact and agreement form. We understand that there are times when parents must have a person pick up that is not on any of these forms. In this circumstance, please contact the office with the name of the person who will be picking up and authorize a verbal release. To verify that you are the person calling and making a pickup change, the staff member taking the call will call you back within 5 minutes to confirm. All those listed and/or picking up must show photo ID.

Late Pickup Fee After Closing Time

Learn-N-Play's Daycare, LLC last pick-up is 5:15 pm. The doors are locked at 5:30 pm. If you pick up your child past 5:30 pm, you will be charged a $5.00 fee for each quarter hour your child remains at the center. Consistent lateness after 5:30 pm will be the reason to ask you to withdraw your child from the center.

Vacation Leave

When a child has been enrolled for a period of 1 year, you will earn the same number of days as per your contracted hours/days to be used during the year. Yearly vacation days for all families will be the week between Christmas eve and New Year's Day. Closed days will be shared in January so families can plan accordingly.

Lunch Policy

Learn-N-Play Daycare, LLC provides and prepares onsite nutritious breakfast and snacks for the children here at the center. Food meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for school food programs.

Meals, snacks, and beverages are included in our tuition rates for all children of all ages. Whole milk is provided for ages 1 - 2. 1% milk is provided for children ages 2 - 5.

Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8 am. Morning snack is served around 9 am. Child's packed lunch is served from 11:30 to 12:00 PM. Afternoon snack is served from 3:00 to 3:15 pm.

Monthly menus are provided the week before upcoming month and are displayed in the classroom as well as the front entrance bulletin board.

Food Brought From Home

When children bring food from home, we ask that parents adhere to the recommended USDA guidelines for children's nutrition. This information will be provided to parents if they are sending food from home that is not healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced. We ask that parents do not send candy, soda, chocolates, donuts, sports drinks, or other unhealthy food choices in their child's lunchboxes. At the same time, it is our policy that food from home cannot be reheated. It is highly recommended for families to use a thermos instead.

NOTE: This is NOT an all inclusive list of our policies. Please refer to our parent handbook on Procare.


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